InMarketNow/Hunter Engineering Integration

Maximizing Return From Customers Who Declined Services

If you have a Hunter inspection system such as Quick Check Drive there is a powerful marketing tool available now.

How it works:

  • We add Hunter Diagnostic data feeds (declined services) to your customer database
  • Adding Hunter Diagnostic data definitively shows the customer has declined the service because it was not on the invoice
  • Your customers are reached immediately with personalized direct mail and/or email highlighting declined services from their last visit
  • Providing creative and digital print personalization to illustrate the exact service declined while you make relevant offers

Why it works:

  • Customers that decline services represent a unique follow up opportunity because they are still in Time of Need
    • Targeting customers based on a real need is a huge improvement over suspected Time of Need based on predictability algorithms
  • As a result, these customers respond to declined services offers better than any other form of communication
    • Research clearly demonstrates this
    • Request our Case Study and find out how
  • Closing the gap, reaching customers with a declined services reminder generates:
    • Significantly increased response
    • More purchases of the declined service(s)
    • Larger invoice amounts because you sell more than just the declined services
    • Superior return on investment versus retention reminders

Creative Linked to Timely Data:


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